By: Mackenzie Amore

I’m sure you’ve heard about it—the blowout! The blowout has gained immense popularity as it elevates your look, while emphasizing your hair’s natural beauty and shine. So, what is this so called blowout? Let’s dive into it!

So, What is a blowout?

A blowout is a hair styling technique that helps to blow dry your hair into a fabulous style, while taming its unruliness, leaving your hair fabulously silky smooth!

Well, What Happens During my Blowout?

A lot goes into the process of getting your perfect blowout, but trust me, you’ll LOVE the results. During this service, your stylist will shampoo and condition your hair, followed by towel drying.

Then, the stylist uses either a ceramic or round brush followed with a blow drying tool to either straighten your hair smoothly, or into a curled look. It’s super important to communicate what you want with your stylist, so you love your result!

Lastly, your stylist will seal the look with quality products to add moisture, shine, and volume to your hair!

Why Should I Get a Blowout?

There are so many benefits to a blowout, you wouldn’t believe it!

The technique used to achieve a runway-ready blowout allows an insane amount of volume to be added to your hair.


Because of the technique of this hair service, your blowout will last several days, so this can actually improve the condition of your hair! Because your blowout will look great for days, you won’t have to wash your hair as much or style it. Shampooing your hair strips natural oils and less frequent heat styling to further dry out your locks and cause damage. Therefore, by getting a blowout, you can improve your hair quality!

Reduces Frizz:

Say goodbye to that unruly hair when you get a blowout! With the smoothing technique and added moisture you get from a blowout, it takes your frizz, leaving hair silky smooth!


Everyone loves a fresh, beautiful hairstyle! When you get a blowout, it’s relaxing, feels amazing, and leaves you looking like a whole new woman! You will feel an added boost of self-love and beauty when you get a blowout!

I Can’t Wait to Get One, Where Should I Start?

You are going to LOVE the way your hair looks and feels after a blowout. To begin scheduling your service, make sure to find a stylist you love and trust, but also has experience with blowouts.

Once you find a stylist, do some research on the way you want your blowout to look, whether that be curly, straight, or somewhere in between, it’s always good to have an idea! Just remember, everyone’s hair is different, so while your stylist will try their best to give you your picture perfect look, everything will be a tad different on everyone!

In Conclusion…

A blowout is a great service for any hair type! We recommend getting a blowout once a week if you can, but for sure once a month to get those beautiful hair results you’ll love. No matter what blowout style you get, we are sure you will leave the salon looking and feeling uniquely beautiful!

If you’re interested in getting a blowout, check out our blowout stylists and service options!