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Our newest service is one-hour classes that can teach you the tricks of the beauty industry. We offer six classes that can be taken individually or as a set. These in-depth classes will teach you how to complete your own look, including how to achieve flawless skin, contour and highlight, shape and fill brows, apply your makeup, and work on any trouble spots. If you want a tutorial lesson or to book one of our non-wedding-related services, contact us today!

It’s an amazing feeling to have someone pamper you with their hair and makeup services, but sometimes a woman needs to know how to beautify herself. Do you find yourself wishing you knew how makeup artists worked their magic? Here’s your chance!

To help you look your best every day, all on your own, NCS offers one-hour tutorial classes and private lessons. When taken as a series, the classes give you the basis for keeping up your own complete look. Here’s what each one focuses on:

Class One: Products and skincare

Class Two: Tips and tricks for a flawless complexion with natural contours and highlights

Class Three: Creating and maintaining beautiful brows

Class Four: Achieving perfectly blended shadow

Class Five: Doing lash application with a clean liner

Class Six: Addressing trouble areas

We offer the classes as a complete series for $1000. That includes all six one-hour classes and 15-minute check-in mini-classes. If you only have one section you want to brush up on, you can purchase a single one-hour class of your choosing for $175.

Give yourself the lifelong tools to elevate your look by signing up for our expert-led classes!

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