• Do you offer both hair and makeup services?
    Yes we do. We are very blessed to have both hairstylists and makeup artists in our team - and some of our artists are trained in both hair and makeup.
  • How should I prep my hair for the day of my service?
    For hairstyling, please come with clean, dry hair that has no product in it. It works best if you've washed and air-dried your hair the night before.
  • How should I prep for my makeup application?
    For makeup, please arrive with a clean and dry face with little to no moisturizer. Also, avoid acne medication, eye cream, or sunblock. For best results, you should exfoliate the night before. We recommend our pre-makeup skin prep for best results. This should be done two to three days prior to makeup application. Have your eyebrows cleaned to enhance your look. If you have watery eyes, use allergy eye drop and/or allergy pills, such as Claritin. Bring your own lip color for touch-ups.
  • What is airbush makeup?
    Airbrushing uses the power of compressed air to mist foundation gently across your skin using special foundation cartridges. Airbrushing allows for makeup to be applied evenly for smooth finish. Airbrush makeup performs well and lasts longer than regular makeup. This is particularly important for wedding makeup applications.
  • Do you have a match for every skin tone?
    We have customized colors to achieve proper match for every skin tone. Every single foundation color is custom blended. We use a formula that contains 60 percent silicone which helps to fill in lines, pores, and any imperfections.
  • What are the benefits of airbrush?
    It is water-resistant, which makes it ideal for wedding makeup applications. It is also transfer-resistant, which means that it will not rub on other people's clothes when hugging. Airbrush feels light while providing a full coverage. Even if you don't have a perfect skin, airbrushed finish ensures you have one on your big day. Spray dot pattern of airbrush blurs the appearance of the skin, resulting in flawless finish on the face. We guarantee your makeup will stay put for 10 hours. Some clients say it lasts for 12 hours! We can give you a light, medium, or full coverage based on how many 'passes' we do during the application. For example, if you prefer light and natural finish, two passes will do it. If you prefer a full coverage, we will do a few more passes.
  • What makeup brand do you use?
    We use airbrush and HDTV products that photograph beautifully. Additional makeup brands we use are Laura Mercier, Nars, and Charlotte Tilbury.
  • Are you comfortable with mature skin?
    Absolutely! We have over 10 years of experience working with women of all ages. And women with various skin types.
  • Are you comfortable with different ethnicities?
    We welcome all women, regardless of their background or skin color to work with us.
  • Can you accommodate large wedding parties and events?
    Yes, we can. We have a team of talented hair and makeup artists and professionals to serve small and large events. We don't have a minimum or maximum requirements. However, we always prefer to discuss particular details with the client. 
  • How will I book with NCS?
    We love to get to know each client and their goals from the start. You can schedule a complimentary phone consultation with us here. Please fill in the form and share all important details with us. This will help us to perfect your vision for your important day. Our goal is to make our clients to look and feel their absolute best. You can also call me at 414.243.2858. I'm always happy to answer any questions you have! And tell more about our services in person.

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