So Many Ways to Unwind
Spa Services
  • Therapies incorporate the use of oils to soothe and relax the muscles.

  • 60 Minutes $90

  • 90 Minutes $130

  • Includes

    •beard shape/wax

    •brow wax/cleanup 

    •nose, ears, neck 

    •cooling jelly mask 

  • $30
  • •Wash

    •Deep moisturizing mask 

    •Scalp oil treatment to promote hair growth 

    •Scalp massage 

    •Blow dry 



    •Treatment to promote hair growth 


  • Sports massage is a targeted massage that focuses on a specific area of the body that are in need of healing or relief. Himalayan salt stones included to relax each layer of muscles.

  • 60 Minutes $135

  • 90 Minutes $175

  • A deep tissue massage will work on the more obscure muscles and connective tissue in a specific area. This includes Himalayan salt stones to massage each layer of muscle. 

  • 60 Minutes $135

  • 90 Minutes $175

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